wifi andon system

wifi andon system

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The  Andon  alert  system  is  a  singling  system  that  allows  production  line  staff  to  signal  for assistance without having to leave their work station.  Any of four departments may be selected at a terminal station, which will in turn trigger a visual and audible indication at the Display Panel Up to 20 stations can communicate with the Display panel.  The Display Panel can also send an acknowledgement signal back to the originating station to let the operator know that assistance is  on  its  way.      These functions  are  achieved  wirelessly,  via  a  low-power  VHF  radio  signal,
removing the need for installing cables over a wide area within an assembly plant.


  • Makes the state and condition of manufacturing processes easily accessible and very clear – to everyone.
  • It helps the industry guide, monitor and ensure productivity.
  • Andon boards double as early warning devices
  • Andon boards can be use in manufacturing, inventory management, storage, receiving, picking and shipping.